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PM Metabolic

Our SlenderWeigh "PM Metabolic" is a unique product that will enable you to burn fat at night while you sleep using a novel caratenoid ingredient (fucoxanthin) that triggers the burning (thermogenesis) of white body fat-without producing stimulatory effects.

This product also contains ingredients that will help you sleep better as well as help your body deal with stress. Sleep is very important in the weight loss process as well as stress management. High stress levels trigger the release of hormones that not only increase appetite, but can also affect how the body stores an metabolizes fat. The new formula  addresses this by adding nutrients that help your body naturally balance these hormones to relieve stress, breaking the cycle that so often derails even the most well-designed weight-loss plans.

SlenderWeigh PM Metabolic is the product in our weight management system that enables the burning of fat on a 24 hour basis

This product is no longer available. Please see our new "AM/PM METABOLIC" that replaces this product.

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