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 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the "SlenderWeigh 24 hr. Fat-Burning System®"?

SlenderWeigh’s weight management system, which we call the "SlenderWeigh 24 hour Fat- Burning System®" is comprised of all four of our products, designed to help you reach your weight loss goals without restrictive dieting and crazy fad diets. The four products are "Thermogenic Blend®", "Carb Inhibitor®," "AM-PM Metabolic®" and “Slender Boost®”. These four products work synergistically to form a complete weight management system that really works! When taking all the products in our "System" you will be able to increase your metabolism to burn fat on a 24 hour basis, your appetite will be curbed to help you have complete control over your food intake, you will be able to block fat and carb calories enabling you to eat some of the foods you just can’t do without and still lose weight. The products will also help promote a healthier thyroid function thus increasing your metabolism even further, you will sleep better and decrease your stress levels which will help you lose weight by giving you more energy during the day to increase your activity level as well as give you more control over the amount of food and calories you consume by cutting stress related food cravings.

You will even be able to keep your metabolism going strong at night without affecting your sleep. In fact, you may sleep better than you have in years! As you can see, we’ve connected all the pieces of the puzzle for an outstanding weight management system.

There are so many weight loss supplements on the market. What separates SlenderWeigh products from all the others?

What separates SlenderWeigh products from other supplements on the market is our unique clinically proven formulas as well as pharmaceutical-grade, patented ingredients which make up our formulas. SlenderWeigh® conforms to a much higher standard in the formulation and production of our products than most supplement manufacturers. We strive only for products made with the highest quality ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective for their purpose. We never use cheaper ingredients to cut cost. What is the point of that if your products are not safe and effective? We utilize one of the finest F.D.A inspected and approved supplement manufactures in the country. In all SlenderWeigh® formulas we actually use the potency or higher potencies used in clinical trials or scientific studies.

Many supplement manufactures do not use high quality or higher potency ingredients to cut cost! One point about Thermogenic products, most of the "Thermogenic" products on the market are formulated incorrectly in our opinion and the biggest complaint from people after taking them is "it makes me feel nervous, jittery and my heart races", in other words…over-stimulated. Our SlenderWeigh® "Thermogenic Blend®" is designed and formulated without stimulants to increase your metabolism and curb your appetite without the nervousness and jittery feeling. Since 1997, the proof of our success and our customer’s success is thousands of satisfied customers who continue to use our products and their referral of their friends and family to SlenderWeigh® products.

Are SlenderWeigh® products safe?

Absolutely! SlenderWeigh products are manufactured in the U.S.A. in an F.D.A inspected and cGMP facility. SlenderWeigh® adheres to higher standards in supplement formulation, manufacturing and business practices. We actually care about you and your family’s health! The ingredients are of the highest quality and are free of any toxic or harmful substances. All formulations are science based and extensively researched and tested. We do caution anyone who plans to take any nutritional or dietary supplements to first consult with their doctor if they are pregnant, have diabetes, high blood pressure, have heart problems, have anorexia, bulimia or any other eating disorder or health condition you feel may be in question. Also, please keep dietary supplements out of the reach of children. Children under the age of 18 may take SlenderWeigh® products safely under a qualified doctor’s supervision only.

Do I need to eat special foods while taking the SlenderWeigh products to lose weight?

The short answer is – not really. But remember, you’re trying to lose weight and we’re sure you want to do everything you can to achieve the best results in the quickest amount of time. SlenderWeigh® will definitely help, in fact our products have helped thousands of people just like you lose not only a small amount of weight, fat and inches but substantial amounts. Some of our customers have lost well over one-hundred pounds! If you are on a "diet" and you are trying to starve yourself, hunger pains will eventually win and you will give up. This is where SlenderWeigh® products come in. The products will greatly suppress your appetite so you do not feel hungry. They will put you in control so you can cut enough calories daily to finally enable yourself to lose weight and fat without feeling like your starving all the time. Beside the appetite suppressants, there are many other ingredients in the "SlenderWeigh® 24 hour Fat-Burning System®" that will help you tremendously in your efforts to lose weight. Losing weight is extremely difficult without the type of products in the SlenderWeigh® product line. You do need to commit to the process. Our common sense tells us all we can not go on eating bags and boxes of junk food and expect to lose weight, not to mention how detrimental that is to our health. Our suggestion is to follow a sensible, wholesome diet with plenty of quality low fat protein, fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, berries, etc. and plenty of good clean, pure water.

Again, with the help of SlenderWeigh® products you do not need to starve yourself on some highly restrictive, wacky, crazy "diet". Eat sensible as described above and try the best you can to increase your physical activity such as simply walking more each day. If there are "pound packing" foods you simply can not do without from time to time, eat them in very low moderation. SlenderWeigh® will obviously help you tremendously with appetite control, food cravings and to keep some of those empty calories from getting stored as fat. Everyone knows they need to stay away from or at least limit processed, packaged junk foods (foods with no nutritional value) high in salt, fat, chemicals, and sugar as well as sugary beverages such as sodas, etc. Not only to maintain a healthy weight but to stay in good general health.

SlenderWeigh® will help you to still enjoy your favorite foods, restaurants, or social events, feeling in control and not feeling deprived. Remember, no one is responsible for your health accept you. Live a little with SlenderWeigh® on your side!

How many days supply are in each product?

Basically, each bottle of product contains a 30 day supply when taken as directed on the label. However, some individuals may need to take more than the general recommended dose each day depending on what dose appears to be working best for that individual. Obviously, in that case some products will not last a full 30 days.

How do I take the products?

Please click on each product for detailed suggested use. There are also general directions printed on each product label.

or click here: ( Suggested Dosages )

Return Information
Please click on “Our Guarantee” for details or click here: guarantee

Do you have a guarantee?

Absolutely! We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back! Please click on “Our Guarantee” for full details or click here: guarantee

Can I call you to place an order?

Yes! Please call (347) 796-1985 Someone from our Customer Service Team will be happy to take your order and answer any questions you may have. They are available 9am-5pm EST Monday – Friday.

What are the payment methods you accept?


What name will I see on my credit card statement?

You will see a charge from 'SLENDERWEIGH.COM

Is the information I supply secure during and after submitting my order?

Absolutely, we utilize an industry standard, state-of-the-art SECURE SOCKET LAYER CHECK-OUT system that makes shopping online perfectly safe and secure. "SSL" encrypts your order information to avoid the decoding of that information by anyone. Any information collected by SlenderWeigh.com to process your order such as name, addresses, phone numbers, etc. are secure with SlenderWeigh® Your information will never be transferred, sold or rented to any third parties what so ever. Credit card numbers are encrypted as soon as you order and never seen by us or anyone. (only the last four digits)

Shipping Information- U.S.A.

How soon will you ship my order?

We ship orders Monday – Friday. If your order is placed before 1 pm Monday – Friday we make every attempt to ship your order the same day that it was received. Orders placed after 1 pm or on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped within two business days. Orders placed on or near Holidays may be delayed but will be shipped promptly the day after any particular Holiday when U.S. MAIL resumes pick up and delivery.

How long before my order arrives and what do you charge?
Please click on “Shipping” for full details

Is the package discreet?

Yes. Your order is delivered in a plain Priority Mail box with only SW.COM as the shipper and your name and address.

Shipping Information- Internationally

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to most countries. If your country is listed in the drop down list on the order page, we will ship to you.

What do you charge for International shipping and handling?
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How long before my order arrives?
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